Becoming a nomad

Over the last few weeks I’ve got rid of most of my possessions, quit four great jobs and I no longer have a home.


Leaving comfort is hard. But a little bit less hard for each time. It never seems to be the right moment to go for something. “If only this, if only that. When this or that happens I will do it. I will do it next month. I will start next week. If I only had more [insert your favorite excuse here]...”


For 10 years I had a dream of living a nomad livestyle. Travelling around the world without a home. With everything I need in my backpack.


Now I have left Sweden and the adventure has started.

Dreams come true.

93% of drivers are above averge

According to studies, about 93% of drivers consider themselves to be "above average" drivers.

So that must mean a lot of people are overconfident.


It could also mean that people have different definitions of what good driving is. For 20 year old males it could be driving fast. For 80 year old grandmas it could be driving safe. For bus drivers it could be safety and being on time. For taxi drivers it could be finding the fastest way to places.

How to have a boring life (number 7 will make you super bored)

1. Don't take any chances.

2. Do what society expects of you.

3. Never go outside your comfort zone.

4. Stay where you were born.

5. Do not experience new cultures.

6. Don’t learn or try new things.

7. Say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. Avoid criticism at all cost.

8. Work five days a week at the same job for 40 years.

9. Don’t play. Playing is for children.

10. Imagination is also for children.

11. Have boring friends.

12. Don’t embarrass yourself.

13. Always take the safe route.

14. Never ask questions.

15. Never ask for what you want.

16. Don’t meet new people.

17. Don’t create things, people could judge you.

18. Always try to fit in.

19. Let news media be your only source of information.

20. Don’t have any exotic hobbies. Life´s too short for hobbies.

21. Say no to all invitations and requests.

22. Fill most of your day with boring routines.

23. Only be around people like yourself (age, personality, world view etc).

24. Try to live this week just like you lived last week.

25. Don’t talk with strangers.

26. Be close minded.

27. Never land on your face.

28. Never dream. But if you do;

29. Never take action on your dreams.

30. If you want to do something or make a change, you can always do it next year. Always wait for the perfect time to something.

31. If you tried something once and failed; give up.

32. Don’t travel. But if you do;

33. Just do the same things as all other tourists.

34. Stand for nothing

35. Live as if you will live forever.

36. Avoid discomfort at all costs.

37. Never use the F word.

38. Follow the rules.

39. Remember: Your goal in life is to just get by and pay the bills.

Pedro Salgado Interview

Pedro Salgado is a world class free runner known for his massive jumps and clean parkour style. He is one of very few athletes who can perform top level results in both style and speed competitions.

1st place Speed Contest - World Parcouring Championship 2011
1st place Speed Contest - Jambo 2014
4rd place Style Contest - Jambo 2014
1st place Vigo Street Stunts 2015 (Style)
1st place Speed Contest - Hope the Block 2015 (Netherlands)
7th place Air Wipp Challenge 2015


Name: Pedro Salgado

Team: Originally: Line Team, Currently: JUMP Freerun

Age: 25

From: Portugal

Currently living in: Netherlands


How did you find out about parkour and what did you find attracting about it?
I always was a kid inspired by movement, climbing, jumping, exploring everything. My main inspiration was my father, he was a cliff diver and I used to go to cliffs in portugal with him, watching him jump and learn with him. Another big influence was Jackie Chan, with his creativity and amazing stunts.
Later in 2007 found Parkour through a friend who was already practicing, and I joined him. Since then, I knew that parkour was what i wanted for my life.


What did your training look like during the first few years? Has anything in your training changed since then?
My training started with having fun, exploring the environment and learning techniques to overcome obstacles. Did a lot of conditioning training as well, because without it, you won't go far. On these days parkour still brings me joy in many ways. Training alone in the rain or with friends at a summer day. Always trying to improve and learn new things.

Today you are a JUMP Freerun athlete. Please tell us more about JUMP Freerun:
Jump is a complete team with people dedicated to freerunning classes, a performance team. We have parkour equipment and two facilities: ZUID57 and NINJA academy. JUMP also organizes one the best parkour event in the world (4 The love of movement).
More info


Which is your favourite city for training?

Lisbon, because it’s where I started, where I have the best memories.


Where do you find inspiration?
I think inspiration can be anywhere, from places, to people, thoughts, art, videos, and your own joy doing what you do.


Do you have any advice for young people who wants to get really good at parkour?

When I started i didn’t think about becoming really good. I just spend everyday having fun and training hard to be able to do anything I wanted to do. But the secret to success I think is being yourselfs, not copy others. Just letting your own style grow.


What are your passions outside of parkour?
Besides parkour I like a lot to travel, photography and video. I like to capture memories, because later they will tell a story.


Do you have any future plans, goals or dreams?

A few trips and events, keep making content and living life!


Some last words to your fans out there?

Believe in your dreams and don’t wait for them to come to you!


Thank you Pedro!


Go ahead and follow Pedro on social media:

Facebook Page:


Snapchat: salgadoltt

Photography website:


The problem with todays education system

The problem with todays education system is that it was made for the 20th century. It was made for people to fit in and follow the rules of a factory. Today we are going through a transition phase where it's becoming increasingly more important to STAND OUT.

If you want to go somewhere in life you have to take responsibility for your own education.

Don't blame the government/economy/system if you can't find a job. Go out and build some skills.

Don't let school get in the way of your education.

Be willing to fail

Everything I'm good at I've learned because I didn't fear failure.

Everything I suck at I haven't learned because I haven't been willing to fail at it.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
— Michael Jordan

Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid of not trying. Be afraid of not reaching your full potential. Be afraid of lying on your deathbed regretting that you didn't chase your dreams.

Use fear as fuel.

What you focus on expands

WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS. This rule will BUILD YOU UP or break you down.

To take two everyday life examples. If you have a favorite number you´ll see it everywhere. If you buy a new car you'll start to see it everywhere, not because there´s suddenly more of it but because you´ll start seeing more of what you FOCUS on.

But it goes deeper than that. If you think the world is getting worse it will seem so. If you believe in god you will see signs of a god. If you spend your time reading about conspiracies everything will look like a conspiracy. If you think you´re always unlucky you will continue to experience bad luck (and most likely end up creating fewer possibilities for good outcomes). If you think that humanity in general is evil you will see the bad side of people. If you think the world today offers a lot of OPPORTUNITIES you will DISCOVER them.

People with a negative mindset does not go to hell. People with a positive mindset does not go to heaven. They´re already experiencing it.

You have the power to choose what you want to experience. CHOOSE WISELY. If you give up the power to choose your surroundings will choose for you, and chances are you´ll focus on the negative. All media focus on the negative because that´s what made us survive. 10 000 years ago, when we saw a stone and thought it was a bear 100/100 times nothing happened. When we saw a bear and thought it was a stone 1/100 we could be dead.

The world today is SAFER than ever. There are MORE and BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES. There is less incentive to act scared and and conservative. I think TODAY is the BEST TIME to be alive in earths history (this far), partly because of overwhelming evidence, partly because it makes my LIFE BETTER.

With that said. Don´t be over optimistic. You´ll still have to put in the HARD WORK. People who believe everyone around them will treat them perfect 100% of the time has historically been exploited and will continue to be so. Find the BALANCE. The good life will not magically appear if you sit on your ass and practise positive thinking. “At the end of the day – if you live long enough – most people get what they DESERVE.”